The Open Minds Project

Help us change the narrative through knowledge. 

Donating money isn’t the only way you can help us. We know how creative you are and love seeing new ways to engage the community. 

No ideas? Here are a few suggestions to get you started

Bake, swim, run, sales, there are many ways you can fundraise for us. Please share with us on social!

We recommend setting up your own JustGiving page as you can have a more personal message. If you just need a place to direct donations you can also use our existing page.  

Run a  book club or public reading

Book clubs and book reading bring people together. Who does not enjoy a bit of conversation about other people and their stories – even better weaving your own story in.

Talk to your school’s Head Teacher, nursery or academy about us

They are key starting points for raising awareness about the lives of black people and welcome the opportunity for open dialogue and learning.

Donate books or make suggestions for our booklist

We do our best to source great stories but we don’t know them all and we’re always interested in new ones. We have three simple criteria: Only positive stories with reasonable black representation and no stereotyping of black characters.

On average £6 will provide a book to school or nursery, ensuring a balanced representation of black people

Help us spread the word to your followers, friends and family.