The Open Minds Project (TOMP)

We are impacting the education system with diverse books and resources

We are top at donating books to schools, academies, and nurseries. Please get in touch if you are a school or interested in our book lists and book boxes.

We want to help the family whose child refused to sit next to another child because they felt her skin colour was dirty.

Tackling racism goes beyond supporting the victims of racism, it includes normalising our physical and cultural differences with the rest of society such that they make us more unified as a human race. This is what we aspire to at The Open Minds Project.

Our Story

In 2020, shortly after the public death of George Floyd in America. Many of us would attest to how it inspired many including us to seek to end racism. Notwithstanding, Grace Toby, the founder, had noticed a poor representation and one-sided narrative in the books her kids brought home from school. The year 2020 felt like the right moment to take action to improve the education system. Grace Toby called on a few parents to create an organisation that helps educate the world about the lives of Black people.

 The Open Minds project’s committed to achieving this by bridging the diversity gap in the narratives and representation of Black books in primary and secondary schools. We believe that if children are educated with a balanced and robust view of the world; biases and ignorance will be curbed immensely.

Our mission is to ensure that racism and discrimination end up in history books instead of being today’s reality and in the future of all children.

Who We Are?

The Open Minds Project (TOMP) is a registered charity working to better represent Black people. For decades, Black people have been misunderstood and under-represented in various parts of society. We are a group of volunteers on a mission to bridge this gap.

Our work is not exclusive to serving Blacks but society at large. We are committed to propelling every teacher, parent, and child to be open-minded, relate better, and positively impact society without bias and ignorance

How We Serve
  • We provide Black Authored books and book recommendations to primary and secondary schools
  • We organise educative and interactive book clubs for teachers, parents and children
  • We deliver assemblies at primary and secondary schools
  • We conduct book assessments and audits for schools to improve their curriculum resources
  • We host entertaining and educative events in our local communities that promote our mission and so much more

Our Values


Self and mutual respect are essential for human interaction. We believe that racial awareness minimizes misunderstandings and friction.


Love is a great force that has the ability to move hearts and even the earth’s core. We believe that love doesn’t just make the world go round but it also sustains humanity.


Knowledge is power. At TOMP, we want to see everyone empowered through a stronger identity so they can be better global citizens.


It takes an open mind to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn.


Our drive for justice and fairness drives us to stand up against racism in all its forms

Our Team

Grace Toby

Trustee and Founder

My life has revolved around books and reading for as long as I can remember. With much older siblings, …Learn more…

J’rimaya Agbota Okojie


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Adaeze Obasuyi


I am a mother to three lovely children born and presently being raised in England. I know their reality will always …Learn more…

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Opeyemi Alabi-Hundeyin


Raising children to know, appreciate and celebrate their culture and heritage irrespective of where they …Learn more…

Agnieszka O’Sullivan


I am originally from Poland, I moved to the UK in 2007. My mum taught me to read when I was five, and …Learn more…

Stella Hine


I grew up in Sussex and lived in Nigeria for 14 years. My vocation is education. I qualified as a librarian in the eighties …Learn more…

Jennifer Chioma Amadi


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Fadzisai Gukuta


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