The Open Minds Project

Unlearn, learn and relearn together

We run regular book clubs for adults and teachers. We support anyone who would like to run a book club with our recommended book list.

What to expect in our Book Clubs

Our book club explores a wide range of book genres which include fiction and non- fiction. We organise one for teachers and others for anyone interested in learning more about Black inspired narratives.

Book Club News

We are excited about the successful completion of two teacher’s book clubs in partnership with 18 hours charity passionate about an inclusive and diverse educational system. Twenty two teachers participated and they enjoyed a wide range of books. These teacher’s book clubs were funded by the Brighton and Hove City Council who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in Brighton and Hove.

Run a book club with us?

Running a book club that generates healthy conversation is easy. Simply select a book from our book list to read with your friends, family, colleagues. After the reading discuss how people felt about the story or how they related to the characters.

Teachers Book Club Reviews

On average, every £6 will provide a book to a school or nursery. Join us to reach every school in the United Kingdom

We need volunteers to help us deliver books, offer admin services, event management and so much more.