The Open Minds Project

Educating everyone about the lives of black people.

We are working to better represent children from ethnic minorities through life-affirming literature featuring inspiring black characters

Only 5% of children’s books have an ethnic minority character with only 33.5% of the school population being of ethnic minority origin. (CLPE 2020 Reflecting Realities report)

We have given more than 150 books to schools, nurseries and other public facilities.

We support schools and nurseries in accessing good books with black characters to ensure a balanced representation.

We run book clubs for adults to encourage healthy conversations and sharing stories.

You can join our book club, invite us to do a reading or even organise your own. Our organised book club sometimes award prizes such as vouchers or books.

Every £10 will provide a book to school or nursery, ensuring a balanced representation of black people

Volunteer, fundraise or even run a book club, help us change the narrative through knowledge.